Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recta linea brevissima, recta via tutissima

No posts for almost two months and a lot of things happened in that period. I ran few orienteering races, did my first duathlon and had very bad accident on bike. Here are maps from the competitions with track.

Beograd open

This race I ran with Go Pro headcam, great experience and a pressure to add while orienteering.
Here is the link from organizers.

Jajinci - sprint race

Ravna gora

Interesting terrain, not so satisfied with map drawing.

Sombor - sprint duathlon

Combination of running and cycling, 5km run + 20 km bike + 2.5 km run. Really good feeling making transitions from one discipline to other. It was sunny, but with strong wind. I was 16 minutes behind the first Igor Vuković (champion for year 2012), so I could be satisfied with my time. 
Hope to do first triathlon this year :)
Link from the competition

After the race Igor and I went to new aquapark near Novi Sad

Now I'm packing my bag and in one hour I'm going to Morahalom, Hungary for 3 day orienteering event and 5 races. And of course, visiting spa!! It will be my first run since 1st May and will see how the "engine" works.

Show must go on!!!