Sunday, December 12, 2021

Guess who is back :)

 Old blogger is back after few years of break in maintaining this blog as well as in orienteering training and races.

Three days ago I found that on12 December there will be a sprint race in Eindhoven, cca 1h drive from my house, but the deadline to apply for the race passed last Sunday. After 10 seconds of thinking I sent the email to the organizer and he called me after an hour (aroundm10 pm) to tell me that all maps were already printed yesterday and that they will have few spare ones and he will confirm on Saturday.

As this is a sprint format I said that M 21, 35 and 40 categories are ok form me, also due to my ages and current poor physical condition. :)

Finally, confirmation email was received yesterday evening and show can start.

The race was in the city center and due to the policy that shops open at 12 (with new corona rules it is 11) there shouldn't be too much people in the streets. Interesting course, ok weather for this time of the year, 8 degrees, rain didn't fall during the race and I started last.

map is below, stay tuned more will come in 2022. :)