Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Juniper Open 2010

Last weekend I was in Hungary on this competition. This was my first time running on Juniper Open (Boroka Cup). I started in M21 A class (there was no E class). This terrain is very interesting and demanding for orienteering, map is orange with green "stains".

First day we have course 8700m with 23 control points, my time was 85:41 minutes. To be honest, I am not in so good condition, because I had only 2 trainings since 1st January and iI couldn't run better. But I'm waiting for Autumn Juniper in November this year.
Here is a map with my route choice. After we finished the race, we went to nearby spa to relax, but this didn't help me and on Sunday I was so tired and I didn't finished the race. Sunday race lenght was 13200m with 23 controls. My friend Dejan told me that this is very tricky terrain, but at the end it was pure orienteering pleasure and I couldn't go downstairs next day. But it was worth running every minute on that terrain.

Now I will concentrate for my races next weekend, Serbian League will start "rolling", middle and long on terrain similar to Juniper.

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